Schools and Youth

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports the creation of tobacco-free norms as the most effective mechanisms for preventing youth tobacco use initiation and encouraging youth tobacco cessation.

One of the easiest an most cost effective ways to create this norm is implement Comprehensive Tobacco-Free School Policies.  These policies in coordination with other community wide efforts can significantly modify the way youth view tobacco.

To View Model Policy Language Click HERE

To assess your school’s tobacco policy, obtain a copy of the policy, and compare the language against THIS CHECKLIST.  

A complete list of schools/districts in North Dakota that have already passed comprehensive policies can be found HERE.

NO EXCUSES!  If your school does not have a comprehensive tobacco-free school policy, here’s a TOOLKIT that can faciliate the implementation of a policy that will protect everyone, at all times.



Other evidence-based strategies to reduce youth tobacco use recommended by CDC include:

                     **Increasing the unit price of tobacco products

                     **Conducting mass media education campaigns when combined with other

                        community interventions

                     **Mobilizing the community to restrict minors’ access to tobacco products when combined

                        with other community  interventions (local laws focused on retail tobacco sales,

                        enforcement of those  laws,  and retailer education)


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