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Neutral Impact

03-05-2013 in category: Uncategorized

The findings of a recent study, conducted by Dr. Cullen Goenner of the Economic Department at the University of North Dakota,  show when one controls for outside factors, the passage of two separate pieces of legislation had no effect on aggregate sales of restaurants, bars, or truck stops in the city of Grand Forks. A copy of the [...]

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SF Grand Forks Continues

12-03-2012 in category: Uncategorized

The Grand Forks City Council will hear the second reading of the proposed smoke-free ordinance on Monday, December 3rd.
This proposed ordinance meshes the 2010 city ordinance for smoke-free workplaces and public places with the provisions of the new state-wide smoke-free law that passed by initiated measure in November.
While the new state law is considered comprehensive, [...]

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Now, more than ever, research is mounting about the dangers of tobacco use. In fact, we know that tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death and disease in our society. . . read more